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Various Components of HMS Core 5.0

by John

It’s until weeks ago that HMS core 5.0 made its mega debut at the Huawei Developer Conference (HDC), and now, it seems like the sky is the limit. Perhaps, the new HMS Core 5 has come with several improvements such as site kit, and hence there’s every reason to be excited.

According to the President of Huawei Consumer Cloud Service, Mr. Zhang Piang’ an, everything is headed to the sky together with HMS.

Over a space of merely a year, the HMS ecosystem has risen exponentially to even taking place among the top three mobile app ecosystems across the globe.

Over time, there has been an increase in all-round activity within the HMS ecosystem, and it can be attributed to the release of the HMS core 5. The latest version opens up more hardware, software as well as cloud capabilities that cover up to 7 major domains that include AI, graphics, app services, and system domains. Therefore, developers have everything at hand to build better apps.

To ensure that you get a vivid picture of the entire system, you need to understand every major aspect;


There’s no denying that AI technologies are on an upward trajectory, and hence, developers are left with no choice other than moving at a similar pace. Therefore, a must-have element has turned out to be smart capabilities for every developer’s arsenal.

The ML kit ensures that developers come up with AI-powered apps that will deliver the optimal user experience.

Huawei would open all the device-cloud capabilities for developers to access, including an ML kit that offers services like text recognition, translation, and body/face detection.


When it comes to the graphics domain, the HMS core 5.0 offers services such as Accelerate Kit, computer graphics kit, and scene kit that enable a developer to improve the app efficiency a well as build the best user experience.

Computer graphics kit helps to provide a high-performance framework as well as rendering plug-ins. Once, integrates games apps improve by up to 16% and then reduces power consumption by up to 13%, hence overall better user experience.

On the other hand, the scene kit offers several scenario-based APIs that help a developer to achieve excellent rendering effects efficiently. The accelerated kit allows multi-thread APIs that are easy to use, improving overall app performance.

Furthermore, AR Engine offers basic AR capabilities for developers like a human face and body tracking, motion tracking, and environment tracking to enable them to merge virtual as well as real-world elements, which increase visual experience.

App Service

One major aspect that got a massive boost in the new version is the app services. For instance, a scan kit increases the barcode scanning and response speed accuracy in complex scenarios. WisePlay DRM also enhances DRM protection.

HMS Lighting the Way

There’s no denying that challenges are always there, but with greater challenges, the HMS looks even stronger. HMS Core will always be continuously optimized as well as enhanced going forward as the industry looks to provide better and richer app services. Huawei is looking for global developers to work with to ensure that users have the best experience.

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