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How to improve low light smartphone photography

by John

If you try to take a shot in a dark environment using your smartphone camera, the chances are that you will have a series of failed attempts. The images will probably be too bright or dark or noisy. Similarly, the smartphone camera might have issues with motion blur when images are captured in a low lighting condition. To avoid this frustration, you will need to integrate the best camera kit with your camera app to achieve the desired image exposure. Other factors can also be considered to help you to take control of the situation.

Here are the best ways to improve low light smartphone photography.

Use the night mode

Smartphone cameras are designed to capture images and videos in various formats, including the night mode. Other camera apps may refer to the night mode function as nightscape or night sight, depending on the manufacturer. The function helps to capture an enhanced image in a low light condition. The night mode works just like the HDR feature found on the smartphone camera. After taking a shot, the night mode function will merge various details to make an enhanced photo.

Use a tripod

A tripod can be used in a low light environment. However, the photographer must know how to shot in manual to achieve the best quality images. The tripod works better with long exposure photography. When using this photography accessory, you should take photos to apply a longer shutter speed to obtain the best results. The tripod will also help reduce the camera motion, hence preventing taking blurred images or shaky videos. If you need to frame the scene properly, the tripod could be helpful as it will have the camera in a static condition when you are learning the composition.

Provide artificial light

Most smartphones come with a flashlight along with the camera. When using a flashlight, you should ensure it is well measured and positioned. Otherwise, misusing the lighting might cause harsh highlights on the final image. In a low lighting environment, you can use the flashlight to make a good shot. You can also opt for an external lighting option, such as a portable LED panel. Such essentials could help capture high-quality images in a dark condition.

Edit your photos

You can make your captured images better quality by editing them. Editing is essential once you have taken photos in a low light condition. You can use the features on your camera app or a third-party application to edit your photos to achieve the desired quality. The applications will work differently, but you need to familiarize yourself with the photo editing tools to lead you to the expected results. Your editing process will be focused on the white balance and adjusting colors in the dark to give a clear output.


When you opt for smartphone photography, you should be prepared to take challenges involved in achieving the desired qualities. Learning about photography will help polish your skills; hence you can understand how to deal with a low lighting condition.

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