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In-App Purchases As A Huawei Joint Operation

by John

Huawei works hard towards creating an environment where developers can cooperate with the brand to operate apps and distribute the apps to customers from across the globe. The brand, courtesy of Huawei developers, helps to provide developers with convenient services and resources for quality operations to help drive use and volume growth for their contents through developer operations

In-App purchases as a form of Joint operation with Huawei Developers

This is where Huawei, through its original apps, helps developers market their content through in-app purchases. This mode works in such a way that it requires payment for optional digital content like advanced features and other value-added services within apps that have been willingly downloaded and installed by Huawei users and others. They also work in such a way that the purchases can only be completed within the App. 

How to access these in-app purchases

Below are the steps to getting into an In-App purchase joint operation with Huawei

A. Developing a partnership

The first thing you have to do is develop a formal partnership with Huawei. This involves signing a contract. The contract has to be reviewed and agreed upon by both parties. The agreement will involve the terms of the partnership, and it has to be prepared by and lawyer. After signing the contract, you also have to gain HMS access. You will do so by creating an account and making a payment. You will also need to sign up for a Huawei ID, which will give you access to all the services that Huawei Developers has to offer. Doing so will make your partnership with the brand official. Note that you cannot become a Huawei partner unless you verify the legitimacy of your business after registering for a Huawei ID. 

b. App review

Huawei then has to review your App. If the App meets the developmental needs, then it will be released by Huawei. The company may also provide recommendations for new apps and other long term recommendations as part of the joint operational activities. The aim is to ensure the success of the apps and other services by making sure they meet all the client recommendations. 

c. Releasing App to the consumers

Once the App is reviewed and released, it now becomes the role of the consumers to download the App and use it. This is where in-app purchases come in. If the consumers partake in in-app payments, then the revenue will be shared between the two partners. The way the revenue is shared between the two parties depends on the terms of the initial contract and agreement. Another option is to release a paid app. 

Take Away

If your App contains virtual goods or extra features that clients need to purchase, then integrating with Huawei ID and payment SDKs as per the joint operations requirements would be the best way to go. This goes for all kinds of apps, including all varieties of games. The joint operations contract also allows you to release paid apps by integrating the AppGallery DRM service SDK. 

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